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Story of Hidden Secrets The Company

logo.pngHello! Welcome To SensualNightwear’s Blog World. I Would Like To Share With You, The Story Behind Hidden Secrets. My Business Is Fairly New. It Was Started, or Founded In January of 2013. However, Was Not A Functioning Website Until Late July. It Took Many Months Of Designing, Researching, Finding Suppliers, & Ordering!

The Main Goal For The Business, Is To Give Every Individual The Chance To Enjoy Some Of Life’s Pleasures at Absolutely, The Least Cost Possible! You See I Grew Up Very, Very Poor. So I Know What It Is Like To Have Little Money To Work With. I Believe That I Am Giving Everyone The Right To Experience Some Of The Excitement & Fun Little Pleasures of Life1018mWithout It Making An Impact On The Pocketbook. As I Stated; I Researched For Months, Other Websites & Their Costs. I Am Very Confident In The Fact That I Am Offering Nightwear,¬†Lingerie, & Adult Accessories At Far Less Than Can Be Found Elsewhere. I Am Not Making Any Kind Of A Profit At This Point. I Am Holding Firm In The Expectation Of Offering These Items At The Least Cost Possible!

I Am Sure, Some Are Wondering Why? This Type Of Business in Particular. I Will Answer That By Saying: Nightwear and Lingerie’s Are A Very Private Part Of Life. I Felt It May Be Easier To Browse and Shop For These Types Of Items In The Privacy Of One’s Own Home, On Computer V.S. Shopping In Public For Anyone To See! I Don’t Know About you, But, There Are Some Things In my Life, I Would rather Not share With The Public. This Would Be One Of Those Things! Hence The Name Hidden Secrets.

I Do Charge A Shipping Fee Of $5.95 to Anywhere in The U.S. Again, Dependent On Where The Item Is Going, I May Lose Money on Shipping. Which is Not A Concern. I Realize There Are Some That Offer Free Shipping, or Free Shipping After Purchasing a Certain $ Amount. That Is Because, They Can Afford To Do So In The Cost Of Their Items. I Did Not Feel This Charge To Be Excessive or Unusual: As It Would Take The Gas To Run Around and Shop for Exactly What One Is Looking For. I know In My Neck of The Woods, I Would Have to Travel Quite A Distance To Find Items of This Nature; and Then Not Even Know If They Will Carry What I Am Searching For.7038m

I Do Hope That You Will Take The Time To Browse Hidden Secrets SensualNightwear and Explore The Mystery…….of some of Life’s Greatest Pleasures! Looking & Feeling Wonderful About Yourself!